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2012 Aquatic Invasive Species Update

        Your Association has fielded many questions recently regarding aquatic invasive species, specifically Eurasian Milfoil, and what we are doing to prevent its introduction and spread throughout the Cisco Chain. In order to give our members first-hand information, we have decided to post our survey results on our web site. Our surveys are conducted by Northland College during the summer. The 2012 survey will begin around mid June and take approximately 6 weeks.

        In partnership with the ISCCW, in 2011 your Association delegated the survey of the north half of the Cisco Chain to the ISCCW. For 2012, however, we are having Northland College survey the entire Cisco Chain. Their survey results will be posted here as soon as they become available. In addition, the ISCCW will over lap our own survey in areas where we have previously identified invasive species, giving us a 'second set of eyes' in those areas.

        Last fall, several areas of Eurasian Milfoil were identified in Thousand Island Lake. All of the plants were pulled by divers but one area, near the boat launch, was a candidate for chemical treatment which will occur some time in June or July along with the recurring Clearwater Lake treatment. Depending on what this year's survey finds will determine what action, if any, we will take to further eliminate these invaders. Check back here for the latest invasive species information.

        Your CCROA is an Association of volunteers. In that spirit, we are looking for volunteers to help with the fight against invasive species. We will need people on multiple fronts to be trained in combating invasive species. Two specific initiatives will be conducted this summer in partnership with ISCCW. First, we wish to have volunteers receive Clean Boats Clean Waters training. They would assist in educating boaters at our boat launches when the ISCCW boat washers are not available. Secondly, to help prevent the spread of invasives that have made their way into the Cisco Chain, we will be providing short educational hands on workshops. Information to be covered will be to train spotters- preferably kayakers who paddle in still water in identification and marking of plants. Anyone wanting to learn more about EWM (Eurasian water milfoil) and CLP (Curly leaf pond weed) are encouraged to sign up for a workshop. We will also need people to assist with the actual pulling of invasive species- scuba divers in the water with a crew topside. We will also be needing pontoon boats. If you have time, talent, or equipment you would like to volunteer, please contact Greg Wenzel at 906.358.0242.

Warning Sign
Something new you may be seeing on the Cisco Chain is buoys marking the location of Eurasian Milfoil. These buoys would be placed by our volunteer spotters and the Northland College survey team. They will assist our dive team in locating and removing the invasive plants. This next point cannot be stressed enough- IT IS IMPERITIVE THAT ALL BOATERS AVOID THESE BUOYS. One of the ways Eurasian Milfoil spreads is when the plant is broken by props/fishing lures and line/or paddles and the separated piece drifts to a new location and takes root. Please help educate those that might not know about the dangers of operating watercraft or fishing in proximity to these buoys. This project is still in the planning phase and permission is pending from the DNR.


Last Updated:   May 30, 2013


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